The Story

Ten years ago, I was neck deep in a quagmire of confusion. What should I do with my life? What was my purpose? What was my mission?

With no answers to these vexing questions, I went for a run. Running always helped me clear my head. Running helped me find my way.

It turned out the answer to what to do with my life was right in front of me. Turning people into runners was the answer to all of these questions.

Thousands have become better people as a result of their experiences with Run Club. The reality is people are simply better when they run.

Whether you’re notching your first mile, your first half marathon, looking to get faster, or simply want to meet some friends via this passion we call running, The Run Club team is here to make it happen. We’re also here to make you a better person.

–  ” Marathon Matt ” Forsman

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